DBC Closing

We are officially closed.   The DBC Team wishes to thank all those that have supported us over the years.  A special, heartfelt thank you to our adopters and their families.  Thank you for putting your trust in the dogs we took in and rehabilitated physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.  Because, when all is said and done, we did it for the dogs!!


It’s a bit surreal taking the first steps towards a new life… for the last 15 years no matter what was happening in my life my motivation was to build a legacy . A legacy based around a better existence for canines. To be stepping away from that is terrifying & exhilarating all at the same time. I feel the only way to truly gauge what I have accomplished is to over a period of time write about it. Catalogue all the memories, knots on the head, the learning curves, the triumphs… the heavy toll on my spirit. Now is the time for me to exit, so I can depart & still hold onto the beauty of the last 15 years. Had I stayed any longer, any light would have flickered –
As I hope all you do… I want to remember my work honestly & without prejudice-