Please do not fill out this application if you do not have a fenced yard or are not planning to install a fenced
area on your property, approximately 30′ x 30′ x 4′ high. (Service dogs excluded)

Dog Adoption Application

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Fenced yard or area required. We welcome adopters who rent, or live in an apartment or condo, as long as you have access to a fenced yard or fenced area. We want to alert you that some landlords and management companies have size and breed restrictions, limit the number of pets, and/or require pet deposits or additional fees.

If you have pets, we will help you introduce your new dog to any pets you already have at home. Tell us about the pets you have at home (check all that apply) *

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We'll explain your new dog's medical history and behavioral history. Check additional topics you'd like to discuss (check all that apply)

 Obedience training Breaking up a fight between two dogs Moving with pets Grooming/nail trimming Finding a veterinarian Flea/tick prevention Heartworm prevention Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

 Anti-dog fighting Doggy daycare, pet sitters, boarding options Leashes and collars Exercise, toys and fun things to do with your dog Installing a fenced yard or fenced area Information about volunteering with us Information about fostering with us Information about supporting us with financial or in-kind donations

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I certify the above is true and that false information may result in nullifying this adoption. Detroit Bully Corps has the right to refuse adoption to anyone. I understand that no animal can be held for me.*

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