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The Dog that Started a Revolution

Amber is the very reason that Detroit Bully Corps exists today. DBC co-founder William Bellottie explains:

“August 29, 2003. The day I brought Amber home from the shelter. The day my life would change forever. The day I would find decency. This canine introduced me to my purpose, dignity and strength. For 13 years, side-by-side, we have educated thousands of canines and humans. We were told many times we were a threat to society and that we could serve no useful purpose. That became fuel for the mission we would take on. I have never had to make any excuses for her, or her behavior … she has always managed with a quiet, stoic dignity. She was a very patient teacher and made many allowances for my ignorance. She helped me to understand not only her breed, but her species. Without her grace in my life, thousands of canines would not have received the resource they needed. My life, if at all, would look very different.”

bill-amber Bill & Amber

We said goodbye to this beautiful soul on March 9, 2016. She was 15 years old. It was a sad day indeed, but Amber will forever be a voice in all we do at Detroit Bully Corps.

In Bill’s own words, “I had to say goodbye today… I will try to move on with the strength, dignity and grace she always possessed. I always wondered about this day… how do you continue your purpose when the very reason it exists is no longer with you? I wondered if I would be as strong as her…

Her legacy will be honored and we will continue her work. I am both humbled and honored to have shared a life with such a spirit. She quite literally saved my life and I will continue to share her strength with the world.”