Open Letter from the President, William J. Bellottie

The epidemic of displaced animals: We will not rescue our way out of this epidemic, we will not transfer our way out of it either. Euthanasia is also not a solution to the issue. This issue stems from irresponsible ownership. We cannot blame the breeders, where do we as individual owners get our canines? Not everyone wants a rescued canine & why should they have to own a rescued canine? To spay & neuter every living canine is also not the answer.

It’s what we do as “individuals” that outlines the solutions. Regardless of where our animals originate from, it is OUR responsibility to care for them, house them & provide adequate resource. Humans have an out, they use rescues, shelters, humane orgs as a dumping ground. OOOOPS made a mistake, some form of humane aid will mop up my mess. Owner surrender, stray, unplanned litter, nuisance canine… all someone’s individual responsibility that was shrugged off.

Shelters, rescues, humane organizations worldwide are left holding the bag. Then they are put under a microscope & held to unrealistic expectations… WHY? because they actually stepped up to be a part of the damage control? Not enough blankets, Wrong kind of food, not the best toys, not walked enough, always in a kennel or crate. Maybe more time should be spent holding your fellow humans accountable that are responsible for them being in the kennel or crate. Humane orgs literally run themselves ragged, on minimal resource, pushing aside any personal ambitions, alienating family & they get up every day to face the epidemic head on. The last thing they need is to be kicked in the teeth by unrealistic public opinion.

On a personal note: We receive many inquiries on a daily basis about dogs in need. We have to say no. Simple equation Space X Resource + overhead / Adoptions… you cannot run an organization on well wishes. The power companies, land holders & merchants don’t accept smiles. Organizations shut their doors daily, simply not enough pie to feed them all. So to all the humans dedicating their lives to an animal in need today I salute you- To individual owners holding up your end of the bargain… I salute you-

William J. Bellottie
President & Co Founder
Detroit Bully Corps