Detroit Bully Corps
The Pre-Adoption Process

What happens when we first bring a dog into our program, before they can be put up for adoption?

First and foremost any immediate medical conditions are taken care of.
Then begins the period known as DECOMPRESSION:

Intake: Making first contact (Decompression)

  • Evaluate Behavior upon intake
  • Evaluate health upon intake
  • After evaluating initial needs upon intake,appoint a qualified staff member to oversee
    animals needs.
  • Qualified person should be trained to meet all needs that the animal will require.
    Daily Regimen: This covers feeding & imprinting to shape adaptability.
  • Crating to build security & boundaries.
  • Hand feeding to build leadership &distinction of roles.
  • Designated rotation times to build a stable scheduling pattern.
  • Building behavior, instead of compulsion through distinct actions.
  • Introducing the home to the canine through their language & customs
    Socialization: This covers canine to canine & human to canine meetings.
  • This occurs after a minimum 30 days of leadership training.
  • A control canine, or control pack is used for initial meetings.
  • The canine is introduced to canines & humans based on a preliminary 30-60 day
    evaluation of the canine’s behavior.
  • By this time the canine has already met a leash & collar, The canine yields to basic
  • We are looking for natural reactions & behavior at this time, we use minimal corrections.
  • This is a slow process used to gauge what type of home will best suit the canine.
  • Off site socialization takes place in public venues, parks, new & un familiar people
  • Adoption Fees – $150 Includes:
    • Spay/neuter
    • Microchip
    • Current vaccines & rabies certificate
    • Basic obedience training & socialization
    • Leash, collar, crate
    • Up to 12 months of free training
    • 30 days of pet insurance