Thank You For Being A Foster Family


Foster Pupdate Form

Pupdates Forms are due Sunday to keep us updated on your foster dog’s progress and to help us match potential adopters to the dog


DHLPP VaccineDewormingNegative for Fecal CheckNegative for Heartworm TestNegative for External Parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.)Rabies Vaccine GivenWellness Vet Check CompletedSpay/ Neuter Surgery CompletedTemperament Test CompletedNot applicable

Yes. He/she is a potty champ!He/she has a rare accident.No. We are working on this.

LOVES other dogs. Plays well and greets appropriately.Likes most other well-socialized dogs and plays well with them.Learning how to play with other well-socialized dogs.Tolerates some dogs. Choosy about canine companions.Gets along with big dogs, but not little dogs.Gets along with little dogs, but not big dogs.Does NOT get along with other dogs. Needs to be the only dog in the home.Unsure. Have not introduced to other dogs.

Interested, but does not chase or hurt them in any way.Indifferent. Ignores cats.Chases or plays rough. Need to watch him/her with cats.Tries to eat cats. Must go to a home without cats.Unsure. Have not introduced to cats.

Yes, without a doubt! Kids of all ages would be a great fit.Children over 5 only.Children over 12 only.No. Children of any age are not recommended for this dog.