I have found a dog. What should I do?

If you found a dog, don’t assume it is a stray or has been abused or neglected.
The dog’s family could be desperately looking for their beloved pet. Even after a few days on the streets, a dog can start to look thin and neglected, or it could be sick and need its medications.

  1. Report the dog to Animal Control or the local police department in the city where you found it.
  2. Have a vet scan the dog for a microchip. Be sure to scan the entire neck area. Some chips ‘float’ away from their insertion point.
  3. Post photos & info on these sites
    For The Love of Louie Michigan Lost Pet Lookers
    Michigan Humane Society Lost/Found
  4. Post on your local Craigslist Lost/Found.
    Tractor Supply, Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, Home Depot, gas station